State NY
Country United States

Please read this carefully as it will answer all frequently asked questions.

I am offering you flights at a discounted rate. Airline choices may very.
Once again I am offering flights at a discounted rate, I may not be able to provide you the exact airline or time that you want, but I will

be able to get you a flight to your desired destination, for about half the cost.

Do not ask how I mange to offer you such an amazing deal because if I told everybody, of course I wouldn\’t be in business.
The only thing required from you is a screenshot from  http://Expedia.com, your name and DOB.

Not http://kayak.com, not http://cheaptickets.com/, not http://skiplagged.com,      only from http://EXPEDIA.COM

I am not here to price match, or to give you a better deal than what I\’m already offering. I do not book Spirit flights.
When sending a screenshot please select APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF PASSENGERS!
Do not send a screenshot for 5 passengers but have 1 passenger in quote from Expedia.

If you call me, I will call you back. If you text me I will text you back. If you blow my phone up I will refund you, it is not a problem.

I do not work for any of the airlines.
If you have any questions about your flight after you have received a confirmation, feel free to call the airline, do not call me.

If any problems occur and your flight is cancelled a 100% refund will be issued and that is it.

I do not book flights for funerals or weddings. FLIGHT MUST BE WITHIN 7 DAYS

All I need is:

Name + Dob


(Expedia Quote with price visible and accurate number of passengers)

CONTACT NUMBER: 331-465-9365

Email: citytimo@gmail.com

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