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Looking For Love in Wrong Places

Long before I would enter into a romantic partnership, I wondered to myself, is there a wrong place to look for love? Children ask big questions but often wait decades for big answers. I’ve got some big answers here.

Are you ready to receive Yours?

I believe that more than half of marriages end in divorce because we expect to receive something from a partner that they aren’t obligated or prepared to give us. The first part, the obligation, is unfair to expect; the other part, the preparation, involves their soul path and spiritual development that is independent of our desire or need. That’s on them.

And yet, so many of us who are looking for love sit and ask ourselves, “Why can’t this person give me what I need? Why doesn’t s/he love me or love me more?”


WHAT IF you changed your perspective on your relationship? WHAT IF you decided that feeling loved – however you define it – relies solely on you and your relationship with the Divine? There is a power higher than you who is there to sustain, nurture, and replenish you.

You’re never alone.

You were born a star, literally, and your existence is proof that the galaxies conspired to bring you here. In your DNA, in your fingerprints, in your soul is the very pattern of creation echoed in every life force, every being, every plant, creature, and crystal on the planet. 

Next time you’re looking for love in another mortal, I hope you find what you’re seeking, but if you don’t, remember this post. Love with a capital L is found not in another person, but within YOU. 

Are you ready to manifest your deepest desires? You are prepared to turn yourself into your best self, completely healed and happy? Durga Sankar Shastri Ji, the famous astrologer in Wembley, Central UK, will help you by consulting and providing the best astrology services, call 07448 626020 for an appointment.



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