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Title :    A Guide to Prepare You through Emergency Dental Situations
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You never know when a dental emergency will knock you out. Dental emergencies can cause you great discomfort in the middle of the night or when you are least expecting it. You must always keep the after-hour contact of your emergency dentist handy.

Whether you are at home or you are traveling, managing dental emergencies is crucial until to reach the dentist. Emergency dentist south east London suggests that getting in time to the dentist can save you from losing your tooth.

Here are some of the dental emergencies explained along with some tips on how to manage them until you get to a dentist at the right time.

  1. Tooth Out Of Alignment

A loose tooth can occur at any moment while chewing hard substances or getting knocked down by any object. In this situation, you must contact your emergency dentist right away. In the meantime, till you get to the dental clinic, you can try to place your tooth back in its original position using your fingers any applying very light pressure. However, you must not try and force to place the tooth. Biting down the tooth can prevent the tooth from moving. Your dentist may even splint the tooth to the teeth on each side to keep it stabilized.

2. Knocked-Out Tooth

Knocked down teeth is an emergency that requires immediate attention. If appropriate measures are taken right after the tooth has been knocked down, there are bright chances that the tooth can be inserted again by the dentist. You must follow the below measures until you reach out to your dentist.

  • Pick the tooth by the crown and do not touch the roots of the tooth

  • Rinse it gently to clean but do not scrub it

  • Try to gently place the tooth in the socket if not possible, you can put it in a small container or a cup of milk.

  • To save the tooth it is necessary to get to the dentist quickly. The longer you wait to re-implant the tooth in the socket; there are fewer chances of tooth getting back in its place.

3. Cracked, Chipped and Fractured Tooth

If a tooth is chipped and does not hurt, it is not a dental emergency and you could wait a few days to see a dentist. You must be careful while chewing as to not chip it further. Your

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