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Cogitate Technology Solutions explores how socio-economic, global and even environmental factors that will reshape P&C insurance in the coming years in addition to the technological shifts.

The future, though unpredictable, can yet be prepared for. In a previous blog post, we looked at how the face of property and casualty insurance has changed. In this post, Cogitate Technology Solutions takes a look at the mega-trends that will shape the metamorphosis of the property & casualty insurance industry in the next decade:

Social buying: Traditionally, there have always been intermediaries between insurance providers and their customers. It was the role of these agents to understand consumer and business needs, followed by matching and personalizing insurance solutions to these needs.

However, with the increased reach of the internet, mobility and the onset of social trends, supplementary direct sales channels have emerged as customers begin to show a definite preference for buying directly from their insurance providers. The speed, convenience and accessibility that is offered by direct sales offers wider geographical reach and an opportunity to sell to new customers – especially the elusive millennials. The biggest advantage, however, is the opportunity for insurance providers is to offer their services wherever customers demand.

Although. insurance companies will continue to depend on the agents as advisors and as a sales channel. the social trend will subsequently also give this role to their customers’ as network of ‘social advisors’. Insurance companies are predicted to face challenges from self-insuring online communities and influential social networks as group insurance channels. Insurance providers that tailor offerings across all their lines to address such scenarios and build capabilities across multiple digital platforms will find themselves rising to the challenge.

Climate change: The insurance industry has historically handled low frequency natural disaster such as earthquakes and tsunamis well. However, as the frequency and severity of calamities like unseasonal cyclones, hurricanes, floods and fires increase each passing year, the property-casualty insurance domain is struggling with underwriting these risks, largely due to unavailability of data for assessing risks.

P&C insurers need to arm themselves with new monitoring and sensing technology, hyperlocal weather data and new mechanisms for transferring risks. Solutions such as more investment in renewable energy resources will also affect insurance houses as they are pressed to come up with innovative offerings to share risks. Protected by sophisticated risk modelling and innovative ways of risk transfer or sharing, insuranc

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