Symptoms of anxiety and depression if severe leads to suicidal thoughts

Anxiety and depression are one of the severe mental health conditions that affect many people. These two symptoms often work together and create havoc in the medical condition of men or women. There are different causes that leads to the condition. These are some of the symptoms that needs conditions with psychotherapy, lifestyle changes and medication.

But before we understand the symptoms of anxiety and depression we should categorically know what is depression:-

Depression can interfere with the different aspects of life which may affect with the work, sleep, eat and study. It may be not an overwhelming feeling as depression may be totally different experience. Some of the people may feel empty or even worthless and makes you feel indifferent. At times, depression in men can be indicated with feelings of anger and even restlessness. It is also important to get as mental health professional that may get diagnose as you began to experience some of the related symptoms because the unresolved depressive condition may seriously affect your life.

Some of the symptoms of depression are common with both genders but before we understand it lets you know why and how it occurs:-

Although, depression may occur differently from person to person which are some of the common symptoms. These symptoms can also contribute with daily problems which you may experience. It is also necessary to identify and further deal with symptoms as early as possible. It is because before it begins to seriously affect with the normal life.

Pessimistic feeling and helplessness: The feeling of helplessness may be a strong indicator of depression. Here, you may believe that you cannot do anything and the situation may worsen if medication is not available.

Loss of interest with activities you once felt being a part of: It is natural for a man or women to progress from children, boy or girl to male and female. We become adults but our wish to become a child again and do the same activities remains deeply buried in our mind. This leads to depression and at times suicidal thoughts overtake that leads to severe effect on mind. With inability to feel pleasure and joy out of your routine activity leads to depression.

Sleep disorder:-

Sleep disorder are prominent factors that may lead to depression. The common symptoms like sleeplessness, sleep apnea, insomnia are some of the common factors that may lead to depression. All of these may lead to change in sleeping pattern and lead to depression.

Appetite or change in weight:-

If you are depressed it may lead to appetite or weight changes. Change in appetite may lead to under weight and further may cause depression and anxiety.

Difficulty in concentration:-

Depression may let you lose focus. Also, you may find it difficult with problem of remembering things or making of decisions.

Energy loss:-

Loss of energy is common factor that may lead to depression and further may lead to anger.

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