Best Textile and Apparel Testing in Gurgaon

Geo Chem commences textile, fabric and garment testing from Yarn/ fabric samples up to the finished goods. We provide testing for the items including active wear, pajamas, jeans, scarves, shirts, sweaters, outerwear, belts, valets bedding, curtains, towels, soft home furnishing, carpets, rugs, bathmats and others. We measure the attributes and performance comfort properties of any type of clothing in varied environmental conditions.

Homeopathy Clinic in Vadodara - CHHC

CHHC is an ideal Homeopathy Clinic in Vadodara. We follow a holistic approach towards treatment of the patients with our herbal therapies.Visit us today and get treatments for kidney stone, Arthritis, heel pain, respiratory problems, Migraine, Sinusitis etc.

PCD Pharma Company

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The Institute of Brain & Spine Surgery - TIBSS

The Institute of Brain and Spine Surgery is state-of-the-art neurosurgery equipment offering health care services for neurosurgical disorders.

Best Piles Doctor in Hyderabad , Miyapur | +91 - 9290660072

Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. Hemorrhoids are groups of swollen tissue in the anal canal. They contain  blood vessels, core tissue, muscle, and elastic or rubber band type fibers. May cause minor blood loss or may develop small blood clots. These grow irritated due to irregular bowel movement and prolapse slowly. Piles can differ in size. It is expected that around 40 million Indians are affected by piles. Suffer from Piles can affect anyone at any age. At least 50% of people affect in their life.

Piles Doctor in Hyderabad, Miyapur – Dr. Ramesh Pitchika

Different types of piles disease:- There are two rounded bunches of veins, commonly they are called internal and external hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids develop in the internal lining piles of the rectum and don’t hurt much External Piles. They are normally painless and are not obvious unless enlarged. Straining can push internal piles through the anal opening.

External hemorrhoids are on the external part of the anus and can be painful. Prolapsed Piles can develop and bulge external to… your anus. They can be pressed back. Severe ones prolapse permanently and can’t be pressed back and need surgery.

Anal Fissure Laser Treatment in Hyderabad, Miyapur – Dr. Ramesh Pitchika

Symptoms of Piles or hemorrhoids:

  • Bleeding without any pain during bowel movements 
  • Itching or irritation in the anal area
  • Bright red blood is noticeable after a bowel movement.
  • Lumps and swelling in the anal area
  • Pain or discomfort in the anal region 
  • Suffered from loss of appetite
  • Yellowish face, due to extensive bleeding
  • Heaviness at anus opening
  • Hemorrhoid symptoms generally depend on the location.

Causes of piles or hemorrhoids

Piles are affected by increased pressure in the small blood vessels lining the rectum & anus area. Piles increase in size & start viewing the symptoms. stress on the veins is caused by:-

  • Eating a Low Fiber Diet
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Coughing & Vomiting
  • Long periods of sitting on the toilet seat
  • Pregnant women induced hormonal changes
  • Obesity
  • Heavy lifting repeatedly lifting heavy objects can lead to piles

Face Cancer Consultant in Delhi

Dr Mudit Agarwal is a professional face cancer consultant in Delhi. Equipped with a professional team, we use advanced medical treatment to cure every type of case. For any related consultation, you can get in touch at

Head and Neck Surgeon in India

Dr Mudit Aggarwal is an exclusive head and neck surgeon in India. He treats each case with utmost care and patience. His in-depth knowledge and expert hands bring the hope of sufferers back. For more details visit

Medical Gas Alarm Manufacturers

We are best Medical Gas Alarm Manufacturers in India. Our group incorporates best qualified specialists and expert to Plan our item with best quality for long life. We utilizes best nature of extra parts made by particular merchants in India. Our restorative gas cautions are structured with the sensors. For more information. please visit our website

Contact Information-

Address-  38/2/15, Link Rd, Maharajpur, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

Phone number- +91-7467836004

Primary Care Physicain Irving TX | Dr.Reddy Family Doctors Clinic

Primary Care Physician provider in Irving, Texas. Dr. Reddy Family Doctors primary care physicians and health care professionals are available: Family practice doctors perform routine check-ups and provide care for the patient.
Phone:+1 972-870-0788
Location:600 Conflans Road, Suite #100, Irving, Texas 75061.

Robotic Thyroid Surgeon in Delhi

Are you in search of an adept robotic thyroid surgeon in Delhi? If yes, consult Dr Mudit Agarwal. He specializes in eliminating thyroid from the root. His years of knowledge and vast experience is a testimony to the fact that he is worthy to be relied upon. For more details visit


Infertility is a major and challenging problem for infertile couples, infertile couples need to be prepared for that fact

1) Infertility is almost always caused by problems with the female reproductive system.

It is common for people to consider infertility as a problem for women, but only 35% of cases of infertility are caused by female factors. Another 35% results from factors in the male reproductive system, 20% come from both, and 10% are not determined.

2) Gender selection can be done in IVF Procedures

Gender selection is something developed 10-15 years ago, by analyzing the chromosomes that make up the embryo. But this process is illegal throughout India and therefore both doctors and patients cannot choose the sex of the baby even though they are undergoing IVF treatment. This is a very strict regulation and fertility doctors are not even allowed to evaluate the embryonic elements so that the process can remain completely unbiased.


Patients who use frozen eggs instead of fresh have the same chance of success through IVF treatment. At IVF we develop and apply vitrified eggs to improve egg freezing results.

The important thing to remember is that the success rate of IVF treatment using fresh or frozen eggs depends on the age of the patient when the egg is removed. The younger the patient, when the egg is released the greater the chance of success.


4) IVF is only for young couples.

Although age is a determining factor for fertility, this procedure can be as effective in women in the post-menopausal group as in younger ones. In older age groups, donor eggs from younger females are used. However, it must be remembered that pregnancy rates in older women are lower than for younger women, but there is always the possibility of getting pregnant through IVF

5) IVF babies born with birth defects and disability.

Absolute risk of giving birth to IVF babies with low malformations. Fetal risk of anomalies in spontaneous infants or IVF is the same as the general population.


For consultation, visit:
Gaudium IVF Centre in Delhi
A-41, Chander Nagar, Janakpuri West
(Near Janakpuri West Metro Station)

New Delhi – 110 058 (India)

Contact: +91-11-48 85 85 85

Do You Need A Best Ivf Centre In Delhi?

Gaudium, the best IVF Center in Delhi that has given joy for life to thousands of families around the world. We offer the best IVF surrogacy and treatment services to in fertile people at our IVF clinic. We are determined to offer our patients the best IVF treatment at an affordable cost.

  • More than 10,000 Gaudium babies born all over the world.
  • International patients from over 30 countries.
  • Unequaled 80% success rate in previously failed IVF cases.
  • Pioneers in Surrogacy, Egg Freezing and Embryo Freezing in India.
  • Treating complex Male Factor Infertility.
  • Dedicated team of top fertility experts offering multidisciplinary care & cutting Edge Expertise.
  • State-of-the-art fully equipped IVF labs.
  • Registered with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) under Medical Council of India (MCI) Guidelines.


For consultation, visit:
Gaudium IVF Centre in Delhi
A-41, Chander Nagar, Janakpuri West
(Near Janakpuri West Metro Station)

New Delhi – 110 058 (India)

Contact: +91-11-48 85 85 85

Pest control in Noida

Petra Pest management offers wide range of Pest Control Services in Noida. We are one of the fast growing pest control agency in Delhi NCR. We are a Government approved pest control agency having all sorts of permissions from concerned government departments. We are also member of Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA). Our Pest Control services covers General household pests like Cockroaches ( American & German) , Mosquitoes , Termites , Bedbugs

Robotic Thyroid Surgeon in Delhi

Are you in search of an adept robotic thyroid surgeon in Delhi? If yes, consult Dr Mudit Agarwal. He specializes in eliminating thyroid from the root. His years of knowledge and vast experience is a testimony to the fact that he is worthy to be relied upon. For more details visit

Buy Biological Media Bases TM Media

TM Media supplies a full range of ingredients for the purposes of microbiology culture media. These ingredients are developed with deep understanding of needs of microbiology labs. We aim to meet all the requirements of customer without compromising the quality of our ingredients. Biological Media Bases Products such as pea hydrolysate, lactalbumin hydrolysate tbl, fish peptone, yeast extract, meat infusion powder

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3 Star Hotel Lucknow

3 star hotel in Lucknow - Being an Eco friendly 3 Star hotel in Lucknow, The Grand Radiant heralded a new standard of environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry. The Grand Radiant Hotel is the 3 star hotel in Lucknow, Budget hotel in Lucknow. We are Luxury hotel in Lucknow and we offer Budget hotel in Lucknow, best hotel services in Lucknow with excellent amenities. Book 3 star Hotel in Lucknow near Charbagh and Hazratganj. We provide 4 star hotel service in Lucknow.Being an Eco friendly 3 Star hotel in Lucknow, The Grand Radiant heralded a new standard of environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry.

low, nil sperm count treatment

Take our ayurvedic medicines. Get sexual energy completely for 10 to 15 mint. Satisfy your partner completely and enjoy happily married life.

Gynecologists In Bangalore - Instant Appointment Booking, View Fees‎

Consult with the Best Gynecologist’s in Bangalore from Cambridge Hospital. Make An Appointment. Expert Team Of Advisers.

Book top Gynecologists, Obstetricians Doctors in Bangalore, India - Find the best obstetrics and gynecology doctors, hospitals in Bangalore for females, women’s.

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Address: 1st  street, Indiranagar, Hormavu Main Road,

Bangalore, Karnataka – 560043

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Trans Oral Robotic Surgeon in India

Sometimes, you need the help of a Head Neck doctor for your ailment. Trans Oral Robotic Surgeon in India can determine your physical issue and help in treatment and surgery wherever required. For more details visit

Largest Surrogacy Provider in Georgia

The list of best Surrogacy centres is based on their patients' reviews, ratings, treatment price and location. Southern Surrogacy LLC, Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, New Life Georgia and Smart Surrogacy are the best surrogacy centers in Georgia with high Success rates.

Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to become pregnant and give birth for another couple who will be considered the parent(s) of the child. There are two types of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate mother is artificially inseminated, either by the intended father's sperms or an anonymous donor and carries the baby to term. In Traditional Surrogacy, the child is thereby genetically related to both the surrogate mother, who provides the egg and the intended father or anonymous donor. In gestational surrogacy, an egg is removed from the intended mother or an anonymous donor and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father or anonymous donor. The fertilized egg, or embryo, is transferred to a surrogate who carries the baby to term. Here the child is genetically related to the woman who donates the egg and the intended father or sperm donor, but not the surrogate.

Trans Oral Robotic Surgeon in India

Get your Trans oral problem solved. Dr Mudit Aggarwal, a leading Trans Oral Robotic Surgeon in India, is highly experienced and has done many successful surgeries in the last 15 years. For more details visit

Trans Oral Robotic Surgeon in Delhi

Today, the lesser-known surgeries such as trans oral robotic surgery can be easily performed by the learned trans oral robotic surgeon in Delhi. You are merely required to get in touch with the best head neck doctor to fulfill the purpose. For more details visit

Sri Matha | Best Old Age Home in Hyderabad, Retirement Homes

We believe that having someone to take care of your parents is not easy for you. Your thinking that your parents are getting old and they need someone by their side to manage with everyday tasks. You wish that there was someone personally takes of your parent’s needs. Sri Matha Old Age Home provides elderly care services for you.

Best Super Speciality Hospital in Vadodara

Gujarat Kidney Super Speciality Hospital has the best doctors and offers a wide range of treatments to patients. From ailments related to kidney, orthopaedic issues, trauma care and more.For information call:  +91-9687079991

Best Ortho Hospital in Coimbatore | Orthopedic Speciality Centre in India

VGM Ortho Centre is one of the best ortho hospital in Coimbatore and outstanding name as an orthopedic surgeon in Coimbatore. The hospital offers Orthopedics Surgeries including bone, knee injuries treatment and also provides Ortho Clinic in Coimbatore with affordable cost.

Do you want to build your career as IVF specialist? Then visit IIRRH.ORG

IIRRH Educational institute referred providing Best Courses in the field of Embryology Training, ICSI Training, Clinical as well as Basic Infertility Course; it will help you to build your career as becoming a best IVF specialist. We will provide all the courses for a reasonable price. IIRRH have a best and senior faculty to teach and guiding you in the right way also it’s providing a quality of training it’s providing about IVF Training in India since 1999. Skill and precision are required for all IVF Course IIRRH Trained from the past 20 years for the busy practitioner as well as fresher interested in this field. IIRRH is the best and No.1 IVF Training center in India, join the IIRRH for next training.

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dr chiranjeevi orthopedics

Looking for joint replacement surgery? Meet Dr. T. Chiranjeevi, one in all the masterful joint replacement physician in Hyderabad. Book an Appointment Now!

Liver Transplant Surgeon in India

Wish to have a longer life with a liver transplant. Dr Shaleen Agarwal, a renowned and highly experienced Liver Transplant Surgeon in India, will help you get well soon from your liver problem. For more details visit

Face Cancer Oncologist in Noida

A radiation oncologist administers radiation treatment medicines. Such tumors must be cured as soon as possible. Cutting edge radiation oncology by face cancer oncologist in Noida is utilized to treat such tumors. For more details visit

Psychologist Noida NCR

 Pathfinders Clinic is focused on providing holistic Mental Health services, that is imparted by an experienced team of mental health professionals.The aim of the centre is to provide compassionate and individualized care to patiets for ensuring their recovery and psychological well being. The centre offer a srange of services that include Evaluations (assessments,projective Tests, personality assessments), Treatments and Therapies to cater to different Psychological and Psychiatric issues

Gujarat Kidney and Superspeciality Hospital in Vadodara

Gujarat Kidney and Superspeciality Hospital located at Vadodara is one of the top multi-speciality hospitals in the state. At Gujarat Kidney & Superspeciality Hospital, we make effective use of the advanced technology for providing top-notch treatment facility for our patients.

Study MBBS in Abroad

About Education Overseas Foundation

Education Overseas Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. formed and managed by a group of experienced graduates who have successfully completed their education in foreign countries and now working in reputed hospitals as well as Clinical Research Organizations. Education Overseas is one of the leading overseas education counselling firm incorporated in 2014 with the concept of helping students to get admission in top global Universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at affordable cost.

Liver Transplant in india | Liver Transplant Surgery

Zealth Doc has best liver transplant hospital in India for world-class liver transplant & treatment in Delhi at low cost. Call +91-9810348287.

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